Roger That! is a hard rocking NYC band featuring current and former members of Mirror Queen, The Pink Swords, Bunkbed, and Widestance that serves up a Power Pop cocktail with a glam cockney twist; taking you on a lad’s holiday you’ll not soon forget. Once you’re there, you’ll be Long, Long Gone. 'Mucho Gusto', baby!

'Mucho Gusto' Tracklist:
1. Mucho Gusto
2. Timeshare Brochure
3. Sweet Ass Time
4. Disco Walk-Up
5. Long, Long Gone
6. Film ‘83
7. Why Don’t You Write?
8. Hey Tough
9. Slot Machine T

Roger That! is:
Paul Bernstein - vocals, harmonica, percussion
Ken Sehgal - guitar, backing vocals
Dirty Steve Austin - bass, backing vocals
Jeremy O’Brien - drums, percussion